Thursday, March 08, 2007

Update on Don

This is an update on Don and a bit of a rant thrown in for good measure. =)

Life has been keeping us busy lately. Don's back is still hurting, but thankfully getting a bit better everyday. I can't believe what a joke worker comp Dr's and Nurses are. Paid by the "Big Man" indeed! Don got his MRI done one full week ago tomorrow, and still they only have the preliminary readings done. He has asked for a back brace 4 DAYS AGO, and he still does not have one. Even though he had not gotten any physical therapy done yet, the Dr has released him back to work on light duty tomorrow with the restrictions of no walking, bending, lifting, etc. BUT the Dr wants him to begin physical therapy 5 days a week, which he began this afternoon. Seems a little backwards to me. I would think Don would go to physical therapy where they would assess his abilities and pain and then decide what he can be released for. So basically he is to sit in a chair all day (even though that is not good for him either) and not get sleepy because of the pain pills. Ohhh, pain pills. Yes, the ones the nurse told him specifically would not make him drowsy, but when he read the label, it says everything to the contrary. I am glad he read the label before he decided to take one and drive home!

Even his schedule is off since he is now on light duty. He will have split days off instead of the weekend off, and his shift begins later -which is silly since people who are on light duty generally have Dr appointments to go to at least 3 times a week. One would think they would want you to start the day earlier, so you can actually get to the Dr office before it closes, but hey, "we don't make the rules and it is a national policy so no changes can be made".

On the other hand, Don sees at least one person who is obviously faking their injury at each appointment he goes to, so he knows the Dr's and nurses are probably cynical about every person who walks in the door. We don't expect it to be roses, but it is incredible how bad the care and lack of concern for someone who actually has hurt themselves and has to go through workers comp. So as you can see, it has been a big pain in the patookis for us.

I will be glad when all is back to "normal". The past week (seriously- it's only been one week? Seems like a month has gone by!) has been very trying for me to keep up with the kids from sun up to sun down without any real break, especially since we have been trying to keep our house in tip top shape with open houses every week. I feel completely drained and took a well deserved nap this afternoon while the boys were sleeping. We ARE thankful he seems to only have a muscle tear and life can resume as normal in a couple weeks. Thanks for your prayers!


Cathy said...

Yikes! I know how worker's comp works, and they do doubt you for the most part (at least my employer did.)

I wish I could take your kids and let you have some time to yourself, but then you might just be running around more when your kids get sick!

Maybe those late nights aren't such a good idea for now! I have taken a break from them for the past few nights, although I am not sure it helps!

What days does Don have off now? My kids are down to coughs so maybe we can take them out but not let them kiss each other, lol!

Get some rest (and I promise not to give you crap this time, I think.)

Laraine said...


I'm sorry Don is having so much trouble. It is definitely hard to watch the kids, keep the house, and take care of a sick husband all at the same time with no one to give you a break. I just got done with 2 months of that!. Jim is finally a lot better and back to helping me out.
I can't believe the workers comp - thats awful. I've never had to deal with workers comp, it sounds terribly frustrating.

I hope Don starts feeling better soon. I'll keep you all in our prayers.

Wendi said...

Laura...I wish I weren't all the way over here in I could come help you out!!! (Even though I haven't been able to drive for 6 weeks!)

Being out of commission is the WORST...and I am living it first hand. I surely hope that Don starts getting some relief VERY soon!!!! Hang in there :)

I'm sending you big hugs from across the miles! By the way...where did you decide to move?

Michele S said...

Poor Don. I sure hope he feels better soon. I'm sure Laraine knows how frustrating this system is. Do you want me to send Greg over to rough some people up?

I'm sending you healing vibes, Don.