Saturday, March 03, 2007

Don has an Owie

Don hurt his back Thursday at work and is out of commission for a bit. He got an MRI done yesterday and they won't be able to give him the results until Monday. The DR office his workers comp sends him to is ridiculous. The lady who "assessed" him first told him he would have to go over to her and he let he know he couldn't even walk. they asked him if he wanted crutches. about a wheelchair, people? Then she told him to take off his shirt, and he told her it took him over 10 minutes to put his clothes on, so if she had time he would do it. Then she told him to stand up and touch his toes. He can barely dress himself, let alone walk, and she wants him to stand up and touch his toes?!?

So needless to say, that appointment didn't help his spirits at all. He is hanging in there, but I can tell it is very hard for him to not be able to interact as much with the boys. So please, say a prayer for Don to quickly heal and for us to have patience during this time.


Michele S said...

Laura- I sure hope Don's back is better by Monday. Kinda hard to do his job without a back!!!

I loved the video of the boys dancing and in the big boy tub. I think you'll get them bathed way quicker now. You just lather em up, rinse and out they go! OR you can pour a glass of wine, get the extra towels out and let them get busy!!!!!

Wendi said...

How's Don feeling??? Is he able to get some sort of diability from work?