Sunday, March 18, 2007

St Paddy's Day

First thing Saturday morning, we went to downtown Henderson to participate in the St. Patrick's parade with the Las Vegas Mothers of Multiples. I don't belong to the group, but my friend Michele -who also has triplets- invited a couple non-members to join in the festivities. The parade began at 10 and we were told to be there 9ish. At about 9:30, we just got done walking about a mile (a very uphill mile) up to the beginning at the parade, where we were to wait until it was time for our group to join.

Fast forward about an hour... we are still waiting. Kids are doing great though, but were getting antsy, so we let them out of the wagon to get some energy out. They ran around, loving the freedom. All three stayed pretty close by, better than expected and it was nice chatting with all the other people and their kids while we were waiting. When 11:15 rolled around, we still hadn't budged an inch. It was a beautiful morning, but the sun was really bright and the boys would be wanting lunch soon. We decided it was time to start heading out to the car.

Carl, his kids and Dad were watching the parade. Somehow, through the thousands of people there, we spotted them across the street! The boys watched the firetrucks and some people go by and then there was a big lull. Perfect timing for us to head out. So off we went out to our cars to get the boys cooled down and food in their tummies! All of them were so exhausted and I really think poor Jaxon was a bit dehydrated. Luckily we dodged any sunburn (thank you SPF 45!). After we stopped for some Wendy's and gave the boys some fries and chicken nuggets, they were as good as new and ready for their nap. It was definitely a St. Patrick's day to remember!

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Wendi said...

Looks like a wonderful day!!! What a difference from the snow that is still laying on the ground here!