Sunday, January 07, 2007

Park time fun!

Next week is cousin Jessica's baby shower. She and Brent are expecting their first baby, a girl right around Valentine's day. So today we took a spin around Babies R Us for the first time in a long time. Seems strange, we used to have to go there for everything (clothes, bibs, shoes, exersaucer, etc). But since the boys turned one, we haven't had much reason to go in.

It was a little bit of a trip down memory lane, trying to think of anything these first time parents might need. We bought a big ticket item they didn't register for, knowing they absolutely needed one. It was something that helped us keep sane and I am sure will buy them many minutes of peace and quiet. There are a few other things we would like to get them also, but we will see if time allows it.

When we were done, it was lunch time. The boys had been strapped in so much of the morning between their car seats and stroller, it was the best idea to feed them at a park to let them run off their morning energy. One call to Nana and she met us at the park right by her house.

The boys had so much fun. There was a small pile of leaves (like a 2 feet diameter small) and it was a new experience for Wyatt. Nana showed him how to throw them and his brothers came over to join, although Luke was more interested in climbing up and holding on to the little bars that separated the park from the parking lot. But Wyatt and Jaxon just kept grabbing little handfuls of leaves, as they threw them they would yell, "yeeh".

It was a first of many fun times that the boys will have playing in the leaves. Jaxon was so busy playing and running that I didn't get any great pictures of him by himself, but you can tell he was enjoying himself in the pictures we do have. The weather was perfect, a bit of a chill, but as soon as you got into the sun, it warmed your skin right up. This is such a fun age!

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