Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Belly Laugh

I am procrastinating. I should be blogging since it hasn't been updated in a few days (or five) as Cathy keeps pointing out to me. But I have found a new creative outlet that I have been looking into and it has been creeping into my thoughts during down time. Or maybe I should be downstairs, sanding one of the seats to the kitchen table set we bought on Craigslist. This table and chairs are the second set we purchased to try to make our kitchen look larger to potential home buyers. We had bought another set long ago, but ended up selling it after it sat forgotten in the garage for months, sanded and ignored. This table has gone further, already been both sanded and stained. The seats -on the other hand- have not yet been sanded. They have thrown us for a curve with grooves on the seat stopping us from using the sanding belt on it, so we need a back up plan.

Don and I are both feeling yucky lately, stuffed noses have turned into coughs and throat clearing. My eyes keep watering and my throat hurts from some of the most obnoxious sneezes I have ever heard, let alone done.

But in the midst of all this, I have the sound of Lucas' belly laugh in my head. It is the funniest, most unexpected laugh from a generally deep in thought little man. Suddenly my throat doesn't hurt so much and a smile comes across my now awakened face. That belly laugh came to me when my energy and spirits are low and gave me just the push I needed to cross one more thing of my list.

It is a true gift from God, the joy that these babies bring me.


Anonymous said...

Your kids are just adorable! I know what that belly laugh sounds like and it's hard to NOT smile when you think about it.

We live in Spring....about 10 minutes north of Houston. Lake Houston is about 30 minutes to the east of us.

It would be COOL to have the infamous Grubbs triplets within driving distance! Good luck with selling your house. I can't fathom trying to sell with THREE little ones running around!

Anonymous said...

Ah, I love those belly laughs - they are absolute music to my ears and can most certainly improve my mood 100-fold!!

I'm sorry that you are feeling so cruddy ... we had a bad cold over Christmas, on the tail of a bad cold we had over Thanksgiving. One of the things that really worked for us was to put a dollop of Vicks Vapor Rub in boiling water - and then - pour the water in a large bowl and put your head over the bowl (with a towel over your head) so you are breathing in the hot steam vicks vapor rub, vapors. It was glorious...

YES. The story about Lupron is true!! I read it in Dr. Sielber's book several years ago and have seen similar references on the internet. They collected the nun's urine because there were a large concentration of the same aged women in the same location (convent) ... and post-menopausal women produce high levels of FSH, which is passed through to their urine, and is a critical hormone to help mature the eggs. If you go to Google and type in "post-menopausal nuns, urine, fertility" you will get a load of hits. Or, you can check out this link for more info:

I think they've gotten away from using urine and are now employing other "ingredients" (synthetic) - but - that urine certainly works, too!!

Hope you feel better soon! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the belly laughs. I have one little girl who has the best belly laugh! Thanks for sharing.