Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Family in Town

My cousin Jennifer and her daughter Gracie had come to stay with us for a few days. They were in town with her mother, Jean who was staying at my moms house. Jennifer and I are very distant cousins. Her Grandmother is my Great Grandmothers sister in law. The two of us and our other cousins Annie and Katie grew up playing together. We are all within a few years of age of each other, along with my sister Leigha.

Anyhow, Grace is a little under four years old and the boys really took to her. They watched everything she does, how she plays, where she went, what toys she played with, etc. Jaxon loved Grace! But unfortunately for Grace, it was love expressed in the same way shared between second graders. Jaxon would get this huge smile on his face when he saw Grace- I swear I would even see a twinkle in his eyes. He'd start laughing hysterically walking towards her and then he'd pull on her pretty clothes or pull on her beautiful hair! He wouldn't do it and run, he would just wait and watch her like he was waiting for a hug!
Just for the record, we do not hit or pull hair in this house to show affection. in fact, we try to keep away from it in it's entirety. =)

Last night we went to theParis and had the best Crepes ever made. Cathy had turned Don and I on to them about a month ago and we have been itching for a reason to go and get some more. It was the boys first time having Crepes, and they loved them just as much as Don and I did! After dinner, we said our goodbyes to Jennifer, Gracie and Jean. They had plans to spend their last night in Vegas out on the town and were staying in a beautiful room on the Strip. It was a wonderful visit. She was a wonderful guest to have in our house and she is one of my most cherished friends.
Hopefully when Jaxon out grows his hair pulling stage, her children and mine will carry on our family's friendships.

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