Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Christmas Memories

There were so many great things about this past Christmas! Here are some pictures to tell the story.

First we have Jessica with the boys. She had made the mistake of offering "a sip" of her water to one of the babies. Suddenly she found herself surrounded by three thirsty little people who just wouldn't leave her alone. When we finally freed her, we had to give her a fresh glass of water because of all that the boys "shared" with her -in what was now, a glass of not so clear water.

This picture was taken when we had just come back from church where the boys had worn their brand new pants. Brand new pants that I had just assumed would fit, that were too big and it didn't help that I hadn't even washed them yet. So when we got home from church we let the boys stretch by walking outside a bit. Jaxon's pants fell right off his little rump and ended up around his ankles. He was obviously excited about his first public display of being half naked outside.

This looks to be the adult side of the room. On the left is Coralee, then her husband Sam, Aunt Judy, my dad, and last is Grandma Robinson on the right. Coralee and Sam live in Florida and made the trip out west to spend Christmas with us. They were so much fun and the boys really took to Coralee!

Here is Lucas taking a minute to sit back and watch everyone around him. This chair actually hangs off the side of the table for when they eat. Since it was not being used at the time, we took it down to make more elbow room for the adults. Luke saw it sitting on the floor and thought it looked like a perfect fit for him.

Wyatt stealing a snack with his Nana. While we were opening presents Christmas morning, the boys started getting a bit hungry. Since we were'nt done yet, Nana bought some extra time with a fruit cereal bar. You can tell that Wyatt loves these and just couldn't get it in his mouth quick enough.

Don and myself were heading out to his work's Christmas party. This year was the first year his company had a holiday party and he was looking forward to going. I needed a little encouragement, but ultimately was glad that we went. We had a good time and it was nice to see his friends from work and put faces to the names I hear about daily.

Lucas with Coralee and Sam. Lucas had watched Coralee unwrap her candle and when she leaned into smell it, he got curious. So here Luke is trying to sniff -and then lick -her raspberry candle.
After the candle was put away, someone had opened up a bottle of cologne. This time both Jaxon and Lucas went over to investigate. Coralee tried to let the boys sniff it, but they didn't quite grasp the sniffing concept. Jaxon kept blowing out, making a "ffft, fttt" sound. Not quite buddy, but almost.

And last, this picture was taken Christmas Eve night while we were opening some presents. It is my sister, Leigha and my Uncle Ray. Don was making his way around the room trying to get some good photos and these two happily flashed a smile for him. But what you can't see, is that we were all just hanging out doing family chatter, the boys were busy behind me in the kitchen trying to empty all my moms kitchen cabinets as I was opening the beautiful stocking Coralee and Sam had packed up for each family member. The mood was perfect, and I couldn't have imagined a better Christmas to have.

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Anonymous said...

What great pictures. It looks like you guys had such a wonderful holiday. Next year will be even better. It just gets better and better!!!!