Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Since the boys have been mobile, we've had a gate up in the living room to keep them in a safe baby-proof area. As they got a bit bored by the same four walls to play in, we sometimes adjust the gate to block off the kitchen and living room to give them a bit more space to run. They love exploring in the cabinets and drawers to find new gadgets they haven't touched yet.

Ever since Don let the boys run free in the backyard, we try to keep the backyard child friendly. Now that the weather is warming up lately, the boys have begun playing in the backyard more often, almost daily. This gives them the living room, kitchen, eating area and outside to play though in the mornings, up until time to eat lunch. If Don can find them a "treasure" of a picnic table, I would love to have them sit at one to eat their lunch on nice days.

They are so busy exploring in the backyard and since they have more room, there is much less fighting over toys. They play so well together outside. I heard Jaxon and Luke laughing hysterically and I peeked around the door to see them splashing water from their sippies all over the porch. It's just water, but they were having a blast figuring that out on their own. It is awesome to watch them be independent and go their own way, enjoying their freedom.

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