Friday, January 19, 2007

All about Jaxon

Jaxon is a stinker. Somehow even when he was only days old and less than 3 lbs, we knew he was going to be one to keep us on our toes. Some of his most troublesome habits include throwing toys at his brothers (with amazing ability to always hit their faces!), throwing his food on the floor, and admittedly funny is the awful grunt scream he and Wyatt sometimes do when they are hungry. But those little tidbits of devious behavior are forgotten when he flashes that Jaxon smile at us.

There has been a definite change in Jaxon's babbles around here. Although it is safe to say Jaxon has said words, they are all spin offs of words. He sticks to mainly the vowel sounds, calling my sister Leigha "eee-ya", her dog Jordan " Doh-Doh", airplanes are "aurrr" (repeatedly until we acknowledge, yes, Jaxon an airplane!) and balloons are "boons".

On the boys bedroom door, there is a little giraffe. After they say goodnight to the fishes on our screen saver, the say goodnight to the giraffe on the door. "Jzaaf". Today Jax brought a little giraffe to me and pointed to the giraffes eyes, trying to say eye, and then the same with the giraffes nose. So much is going on in his little mind, trying to remember what all the different things he sees are called.

His little mouth is full of teeth that he loves to have brushed. One of canines are already in, and another on its way. Everything that fits finds it way into Jax's mouth. Cars, toy airplanes, little sporks that came with their dish set, he loves to chew on books. It is to the point that Don fusses when I want to buy them a new book, knowing that chances are it will be eaten.

Cars and books are his passion right now. He loves to make siren sounds and even if he hears one for only a split second, he picks it up and imitates it. My brother Carl has always made siren sounds while we were growing up, so maybe it is in our boys genes. =) Little Chevron cars are his favorite, he loves to make car and truck (like a diesel sound) sounds as he pushes them around. If he hears a book being read out loud, he'll come over to sit on our lap and look at the pictures with us. My Grandma Bette got the boys pop up books for Christmas. Jaxon loves them, but when we open them up, he gets a little frightened of how it comes towards him and will walk backward away. I can tell he is a bit scared, even though he smiles.

Jaxon is so enthusiastic and animated, always a twinkle in his long lashed eyes and big smile on his face. His heart is right on his sleeve and his moods change as fast as he feels them. He loves his back rubbed or scratched, likes to hide his head in a dark spot on the floor and loves when we touch his face softly. His laugh is felt all though his body and is so contagious. He has the belly laugh of all belly laughs and it makes me smile just thinking about how pure his joy is. He is a beautiful baby, inside and out. From his spiked hair to the perfect baby belly that just pokes out, to his little funny sideways toenails, he is such a little imp and is always so curious. He's our Jaxon and I can't imagine him any other way. He is perfect!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful "tribute" to Jaxon...I can't wait to read about the rest of the crew!

mom and dad said...

love u guys mom and dad