Wednesday, September 29, 2010

While I sew...

Last week I was trying to finish an order of capes, and the boys were determined not to let me. Emptying out the bank (loudly and slowly) was an all day event for Wyatt. He would empty some out, go find something else to do, and then come back and empty some more. Lucas would come in and check out my work and play with whatever scraps and pins he could find. Jaxon comes in and plays with his superheros, usually putting pins through their capes or finding another adventure for his heroes to endure.

Last weekend Don found a couple new things for the boys to do while Mommy sews so Mommy doesn't turn into a crazy woman.

(btw, picture taken by Jaxon. I would have at least had the decency to move the box of Milk Duds, hah!)

Aside from the kids asking every other minute "Is it my turn yet?" or turning off the computer all together, it is a great plan. The kids learn on a kid safe website and they love learning the games.

State Quarters
Wyatt has a strange fascination with money. I am sure it is because everything he wants (toys, ice cream, and trips to Target) costs money. And since we don't have an endless supply of money, he gets told no a lot.

Generally Wyatt takes this giant water jug and empties out the spare change little by little. All over the floor. For hours on end. He examines each quarter, nickle, dime and occasional Chuckie Cheese coin. While I was sewing, he would bring me a newly discovered state quarter. All one hundred million of them. Don had heard Wyatt and decided to show him the correlation between the state quarters and where the states are on the map. GENIOUS!

Not only did Wyatt actually CARE (I had my doubts in the beginning, he also got the other kids involved for a bit -and gave me about 30 minutes of uninterrupted sewing time.

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