Monday, September 27, 2010

To the Dentist

For YEARS Don and I have been thinking it is time to take the boys to the dentist, but a few things have been holding us back. Mostly, all the horror stories we have heard. Teeth being pulled, cavities, scam centers where they diagnose more problems than necessary are just the tip of the ice burg. Even our last dentist (who we haven't seen since before the boys were born!) always seemed to come up with more charges for us each time we went in for a visit. Luckily a person on Don's route works at a dental office and told us to come try them out, and the timing was perfect since our dental insurance is about to dramatically change and cover less.

All three boys did a pretty great job. None were fans of the x-ray in the mouth stuff, but really gave it a try. I was with Lucas while Jaxon was getting his teeth cleaned, but I could hear Jax giggling while the hygienist was cleaning his mouth -he thought the cleaning tickled.

When the Dentist came in to exam, he gave all three boys thumbs up. No cavities or any other issues -which was a huge ($$$$) relief for us. Hopefully the next visit goes so well too, since I am sure by then the boys will be a bit more responsible for their own oral health.

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