Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fleece Fun /Puppy Love

While I sew, the boys suddenly find my personal space more exciting. They have a million questions, things they want to show me and arguments I need to settle. To get them to stay out of my head and out of trouble, I took a bunch of fleece and cut it into shapes. Circles, rectangle, squares, hearts, etc. As Wyatt played with the shapes I made some more obvious shapes like grass, a tree top, fish, sun, and such.

The picture above is both Jaxon and Luke's creation. Luke did the one at the top and he said it was him and his friend Jessica. But then Jaxon did the picture at the bottom (also him and Jessica). Jessica is a girl at school and she was all they talked about for the first two weeks. They still gasp when we drive by her and her babysitter on their way to school, but she has almost dropped out of most of home conversations.

So obviously they felt Jessica couldn't be in two pictures at once and Wyatt came and put all four of them in one picture.

I just asked them who was who in the picture and they are arguing over who is standing next to Jessica. I have to italicize her name, because that is exactly how they say it. Like her name is equal to their most prized possession. Not Jessica. It is Jessica.

And, just in case you are wondering, Jessica is the red one. According to Jaxon and Wyatt (who are standing next to me talking about who is who), Jaxon has the blue spiky hair (he just said, "I am next to Jessica because there is my spiky hair!") and Wyatt determined he is in green so he can be next to her, too..

And Wyatt just realized green person looks sad. And the heart is upside down. Wyatt is now sad because his dude is sad.

Aww, puppy love all drawn out in fleece shapes.

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