Thursday, September 30, 2010

Where's my free time?

So with school starting, I had plans of what I would do with my free time. The name of the game was basically productivity. A clean closet, a master bath that I would not be ashamed of for the first time in years, laundry caught up, cute stuff sewn, a clean house, daily blogging -I would finally have T-I-M-E TIME.

Then I realized school is only 2 and half hours a day. What?

Less than two hours after you count in the driving time.

So two hours. Hmm, well that is still more time than I had when I had ZERO and stuck in the car because preschool was too far to drive home from.

But you know what I find myself doing most days that the kids are in kindergarten? Catching up. Catching up on all the "stuff" that I fall behind on because of SCHOOL.

I have extra laundry now. The morning jobs I used to do don't get done in the morning because of homework time. And homework time is not my favorite time because it takes most of my strength to not bite their head off because seriously, haven't we already had this talk about writing the lowercase letter "a"? Remember, a circle? With a line next to it. Almost, yes. But let's make the circle start at the dotted line and go to the bottom line. and then make the line next to it. Great, now let's make your t's.

And that was just Wyatt, and only the letter a.

I figured they are just learning and will make mistakes and I was really cool with that. Then their teacher (who I love by the way) went and said to help correct their mistakes because "practice makes permanent". And damn, my practice makes perfect flew out the door and put the job of teaching at home right back into my lap.

So where was I? Oh, talking about my extra time now that the boys are in school. So mornings are shot because of homework time. When they go to school I get home and start to lean up the kitchen. Then get a bit hungry and make a lunch, which I can't sew with food around, so I end up "unwinding" for an hour in front of the computer which sucks the time out of my day. Maybe I will make our bed and then herd the dog up so I can trick her into her cage and pick up the boys on time.

Speaking of, I must go. My free time is over.

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