Sunday, September 12, 2010

Saturday morning

Picture taken by Wyatt

We had quite the morning!

On Friday Don and I were talking about all the fun stuff we could do on Saturday, and our list got longer and longer. Thanks to a freak early morning wake up (pretty sure it had something to do with Roxy barking at Don at 6:30 in the am) we were able to accomplish most of what we set out to do.

First thing was a run to Gilcrease Orchard. Gilcrease Orchard is Las Vegas' only place we can get fresh produce -straight from the trees and ground. The boys loved picking their own apples off the trees and cantaloupes from the ground. Each boy got to pick their own cantaloupe, I wish we would have known before hand they cost $2 each, because they were not the greatest looking cantaloupes I had even seen.

Almost $40 in produce and fresh apple cider later we drove away from the orchard -and it was barely past 10!

On the way home, we decided to pick up Roxy and go to a "Dog Daze" swim at one of the community pools. Some of the outdoor seasonal pools are closing for the summer and allow dogs to have a couple hours at the pool before they drain the water out.

Roxy loved it! She was jumping all over the place -in the pool and out- chasing other dogs and amazingly, hanging out around dogs she had met a couple times before at the dog park and such. The boys thought it was fun until their clothes got soaked from all the wet dogs running by. Even soaked through, all of us agreed Roxy had so much fun.

On our way home from the pool, I had the craving for donuts (which is really odd). Dunking Donuts was there, so we went for something new and had some donuts for lunch.

Next was a few hours of hanging out at the house before our evening plans were to kick in.

Speaking of kicking in... On our way home the boys saw a jump house set up for some one's birthday party. They asked about their jump house and "why didn't we ever set it up anymore?" Thinking we had such a fun morning, why not add to it, I moved the island out of the kitchen and grabbed their jump house out of the garage.

About 15 or 20 minutes of jumping and we heard a crack of sorts and Wyatt came running around saying "it was really important we see this now!"

Our stove got hit by something or the other and cracked all the way around the front. Hundreds of pieces of tempered glass were on the ground, and the ones still on the door were cracking even as Don and I were surveying the damage.

My usually so happy to accept responsibility boys were clueless about what happened. All we can understand is that Jaxon's toy (Flash) hit the door and broke it. I am not sure how a little quarter pound 4 inch tall toys could do that sort of damage, but he is in time out indefinitely.

We are just accepting that this is the first of many things to break around the house.

You know,
three boys and all...

Thank goodness the Lord blessed these boys with sweet faces. No telling how much trouble they would have been in if they weren't all so cute.

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