Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Superhero Craze

Since a bit before the boys birthday, superheroes have been making a big rise in our household. Coloring books, books, a toy here or there and the boys thought it was neat. For their birthday, I made them superhero capes. Reversible superhero capes with a black side and a red side. Superman on the red side, and then Batman, Spider man and Captain America on the black sides. Jaxon wears his almost everywhere. Wyatt and Lucas sometimes wear theirs out, but not as often. If we go somewhere and tell Jaxon to leave it in the car, he gets a hurt looks on his face and asks, "How will they know I am Batman?"

Slowly our stash of superheros has gotten bigger. (Especially since a comic store near my moms house has opened up a couple weeks ago). The kids own more superheros than I even know of, and we have really relied on our NetFlix account for movies from X Men to Fantastic 4 (the boys call them the Awesome 4, no matter how often we correct them), to Justice League and Wonder Woman shows.

The boys love their Bat Man, Super Man and Iron man underoos, and since I have (reluctantly) started dressing themselves, most day you can find all three of them wearing one or two forms of superheros clothes.

Jaxon truly thinks he is a superhero. He scares the crud out of me, thinking of new ways to prove he is one. One day he had his hand in a drawer and was pushing on the drawer (with his hand still in it). When I asked him what in the world he was doing, he smiled and said, "It doesn't hurt, see?"

Sometimes I catch him jumping from the couch, a side table, or the stairs. "But Mom, did you see how my cape flys?" One day. he was touching the outside of the oven while brownies were cooking inside. "I can touch hot things and not be burned, just like Superman!"

Two or three times a week we call the Justice League before bedtime. It is all imaginary of course, but the Justice League puts the boys on call, and assure mom and dad that they will call if the boys are needed. So we tell the boys to get to sleep so they can be well rested, and off to dream land they go-Jaxon with his cape being used as a blanket (since we won't let him sleep in it) and sometimes one or both of his brothers doing the same.

I love my little superheros!


Annie said...

This is adorable! I still remember when Eddie was little and was convinced he was either a Power Ranger or a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. And honestly, I still think he believes he is...

BTW, please let Don know that I noticed that the boys are not all wearing matching shoes in one of the pictures!!!

Laura said...

Stir the pot Annie, stir the pot :)

Annie said...

Ha ha! That's what I do best. ;)