Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Roxy follow up

Roxy has found her place in our family. She puts up with all the torture loving from the boys, but gives to them as well well as they give to her. They tease her all the time -Wyatt loves to run to her, and run away screaming so she will chase him -but she eats their toys, so they are even I guess.

Roxy does not shed at all. We knew it could be possible that her coat would shed, but we are so thankful it was not the case for us. Her fur is so pretty and full. We got her a haircut a month or so ago, but with the weather being as it is in Las Vegas mid summer, the poor girl finds the coolest spot in the house to be the boys bath tub.

Roxy is now about 7.5 months old. She knows the basic tricks of sit and paw, as well as it seems she likes to stay close to me when we go outside now, instead of running off to greet any human she spots. She is a great watch dog at night, barking when she hears a noise, and then going off to investigate the sound. Don taught her to climb the ladder up to our summer pool, and we all get a kick out of seeing her doing it.

She has added lots of fun to our life, and we are so glad she fits in our family so well.


Annie said...

Holy cow! Roxy is getting so big!!!

Oh, and I'm glad you're blogging again. ;)

laraine said...

I love your video of her going up the ladder - that is just too funny.

Dogs and kids just go together don't they? I can't imagine not having my dogs - or not growing up with one.

Annie in Texas said...

Very cute picture!