Thursday, August 26, 2010

Quilt part 3

I am slowly making progress over here. Seems like once I lost my steam, it took a week or so to pick it back up. Actually, it is more like I feel bad being locked up with the quilt. Once I get enough "family time", it is easier to decide it is okay to get some "mommy time" with this.

Here I have sewn two sets of circles together to make half a circle, then pinned 2 of the halfs together to make the full circle. On the side is the fabric I chose to use for the back.

See! Once line of stitching later and I have a whole circle!

Once I had all my circles done (18 in all!) Don and I laid 16 of them out on the bed to figure out how they should be sewn together.

I think I am about half way done...

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Debbie said...

wow! That is going to be gorgeous and so unique. I love it.