Friday, March 06, 2009


Yesterday Jaxon was bothering Lucas. Don and I were trying to discuss something and Lucas kept interrupting.

“Mo-om, Jak-in hitting me”.

Finally I told him, “Then Lucas, tell him not to.”

So Lucas turned to Jax and said, “Not to.”
“Not to, Jak-in! Mommy said”.


Today I was in the car with the boys on the way home from Costco. They are all sorts of into Thomas the Train right now and Jaxon was talking about how Bill and Ben are twins. I saw this as an opportunity to tell them about their own uniqueness, since they know they are triplets, but have no idea what a triplet is.

I told him that twins are two who have their birthday on the same day (I will save the babies in the bellies fact with them later in life, but for now, this will suffice).

"When there are three with the same birthday, they are triplets".

“Wyatt, Jaxon and Lucas have their birthday on the same day, so what does that make you?”

Jaxon answered slowly, “Very happy”.

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