Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Luke's Blood test

Lucas has not been himself for quite sometime. It started in October when all the kids were down and sick and he has just not fully recovered. He had an ear infection that took three sets of antibiotics and then was under the weather again while Wyatt got his tonsils out. And recently, he had strep throat and horrible reflux. The reflux is getting bad enough he wakes no less than three times a night in tears because he hurts so much. I am pretty sure the reflux is a side effect from all the antibiotics he has had to take, but with all this sickness attacking him the past 6 months, Don and I requested his blood get drawn, just to give us peace of mind that there is not underlying problems.

Today I brought Luke in to get his blood work done. It was a first in our experience taking a kid to get this done and I wasn't quite sure how he would do. Luke is not a fan of even going to the Dr, so I knew out of the three, he would be the hardest to sell it to. The nurse asked him if he was going to sit still for her and he quickly responded with a simple "no". She went to go get a second person to help her and it was done quickly with a big screech at the initial poke, but the rest was over in a mater of 30 seconds.

After Luke's ordeal, I needed to run to the store to get some fresh fruit and hair rubber bands. To make Lucas feel better, I promised him special band aids and he could choose a special snack. Walking out of Walmart with his Diego band aids and ice cream sandwiches for everyone waiting at home, all was right in his world again.


Michele S said...

Awwwww.... poor baby. When do you get the results? I'm hanging on the edge wondering what is going on? Did you go to Quest? You can get the results tomorrow. Don't wait for the doctor. Dr. Michele is in 24/7.

Anonymous said...

Email me and let me know how things go with Lucas. Did you try to elevate the mattress? It might provide temporary relief at least so he might only wake up twice instead of three times, baby steps. I know where you're coming from and it's soooooooo hard.
Kisses from us to you all!!

Anonymous said...

My DD ended up with an nissan fundoplication surgery because her reflux was very severe. Please get away from casein (milk protein) products and read up on the reflux diet. The head of the bed should be elevated. He probably shouldn't drink orange or apple juice. My DD loves pineapple juice. It didn't contribute to the reflux. Watch the fruit (some produce acid- some don't) and be very proactive against milk. Rice milk is much safer. Cow's milk and soy milk are similiar in the protein antigens. Often people who can't tolerate one can't tolerate the other as well.

Good luck to your son. reflux is no fun.