Friday, March 13, 2009

Letter to the Bird

Dear Mr Nightingale,
While I appreciate your beautiful singing, I am respectfully requesting that you can delay your 11 pm songs to a time more family friendly. This 11 pm to 2 am sing- songing is causing me stress and as of lately, leading me to Google ways to get you out of the tree only feet away from our window.

So unless you would like me to hang a poster of your predator in my window, get a scarecrow on my yard, or last result -spray you with a big water gun, I suggest you quiet down before Don rolls over off his good ear and is awakened by you as well. He packs heat and would be excited to have a new target to practice on.

The woman who keeps opening her window to shush you

Want to hear what a nightingale sounds like at 11:45 pm?

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