Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our Little Garden

It seems like I go from having nothing to blog (am tired of blogging about sad and sick kiddos) to having so much to blog, I have no time to do it.

This week has been full of all things gardening. Last Wednesday we took a trip to our local gardening store. After the boys had their fun pulling wagons full of plants around, we bought a handful of vegetables to plant in our little raised flower bed. In the years past we have planted flowers, but decided to try a little something different this year.

We also bought a little tub of lady bugs. The lady bugs eat the aphids (bugs that eat the plants). We could just get insect killer, but the lady bugs are more eco friendly and tons more fun for the boys to watch and play with. On Wednesday evening when we released the lady bugs, the boys were a bit wary of them, but Thursday when Nana and I started planting the vegetables, Jaxon got a bit braver and actually let a few crawl on his hands.

Now we have strawberries, tomatoes, bell papers, garlic, and herbs planted in our backyard. We were able to use some of the herbs in a potato recipe the other night,so now I am really excited about getting to eat veggies right out of our own backyard as well!

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