Saturday, July 21, 2007

Summer Days

It has been over 100 degrees daily for what seems like months here in Las Vegas. The boys rarely get out during the day because first of all, it is too hot and second, I am
worried they will burn themselves just by sitting or touching something. Seriously, there are beautiful parks all over Las Vegas and they don't get any use until about 6 pm because kids legs and hands get burned from climbing on them. Cars are so hot when you load everyone in that their cheeks are all red and the babies are sweating before you even get the car started.

Thank goodness Nana has a pool. We have been going over for swimming and dinner a few times in the past week or two and the boys are really beginning to love the water. Lucas seemed to be the most worried, but even he has been getting a bit more comfortable and enjoying himself. I think that the boys being able to watch Cathryn jumping in and going underwater helps them see how much fun they can have in the pool.

Here is a little video of the boys jumping into Nana's arms from outside the spa. Little brave monkeys!


Wendi said...

What an AWESOME family picture in the pool!!!!!Now THAT"S a keeper for sure! I tell you, I haven't been on the computer much in the last couple of weeks, but now that I am back, I think your guys have REALLY grown all of a sudden. They are losing their "babyness".

Michele S said...

I feel your pain over here on the heat issue. We only have 98 more months to go!

That's a great family photo and glad to see the little ones enjoying the water!