Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Alpha Mom

Today my eyes have been opened a bit. It is the first day in almost two weeks I have had the boys all to myself all morning. Wyatt is swatting at me when I tell him something he doesn't want to hear (or anytime he wants), Jaxon is fake crying about silly things to get his way and Lucas is stealing toys from his brothers only to tell them "tank you" when they cry about it -as if to trick them into thinking they just gave it to him.

I know something is going on in their heads, but finally it dawned on me. In the midst of trying to find out which one of them is the alpha male, they are trying to be ALPHA of the house. How would they know any different (from a two year old perspective, anyhow) then to see who can bully up their way to the top of the ladder?

So as much fun as it is to let everyone do their own thing and have happy (for the moment) children, I am having to be a little bit more bossy today to put their little tooshies back in line. I am after all, the Alpha MOM.


tiedyemom said...

Hey Laura, would you please email me? Thanks!

The Brookharts said...

How old are your boys? Mine are almost 16 months. Thankfully just starting to walk. Gracie's almost 3, but I seem to have forgotten about this stage they are in...or maybe it's just different because they're three...or because they're boys. I don't know...but reading this I have a feeling things are about to get more exhausting...and I didn't really think they could! :)

The Brookharts said...

Whoops...I meant there's three...not they're three.