Thursday, July 12, 2007

Family Night

I am feeling blahhh. I lost my creative mojo, haven't scrapped since my last post. But I do love all the alphabet ideas, so thank you for your help! To get back in the groove, I thought maybe tonight was a good time to watch the airplanes and try to get a good "A" picture.

We decided on Little Caesars for a dinner that we could pick up on the way and eat while we watch the planes. But it was waaay too hot to eat were there was no shade, especially on the hot concrete, even though it was 6 o'clock. So we changed plans and decided to take the kids a half mile up the road and eat picnic style. Without a blanket, napkins or anything else, we walked over to a nice shaded area and ate our pizza while the boys ran around -first trying to feed the birds by throwing food at them, and then later they (Wyatt, really) progressed to chasing the birds around.

It was so peaceful and nice. There was no one around us at all, the boys had plenty of room to run and be boys. Don caught a praying mantis and they were amazed by their first bug up close like that. A bit after that, the sprinklers went off in the areas very close to ours (my camera thanks the sprinklers for not going off in our area). Jaxon is not a big fan of the sprinklers, he has been caught in ours a few times and he just freezes up, not sure what to do; so I carried him and Luke out without getting "rained" on, but you can tell from the picture, they were not thrilled at the little bit of water that did catch them.

After everyone was in the car, off to the airport it was! Ten minutes was about all it took, but I got a few pictures I think will be great with a little photoshop help (hahah)

Even the car ride home was nice as Don and I listened to the babbling in the back seat. It was a great family night and hopefully having the "A" picture taken now, I can get back in the groove!

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Teresa said...

Sounds like a great family night. I hope you get your creative mojo back. If you do, please send some my way. I've been putting off making a photo album since January 1st.