Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New tricks

It is ironic to me that while I sit here typing at 9 pm - listening to Wyatt sing (more like yell) in his crib- I am about to write about how amazed I am by my monkeys.

On the way to dinner tonight we were driving down the freeway. Jaxon is just looking out his window and tells me "Mama. Mama, 'B'" After a second I realized he had noticed the letter "B" on a billboard we were coming up to. WOW! Then while we were in the restaurant eating, he was looking around and called out the letter "T" from the exit sign. Both of these were unprovoked, he noticed them on his own!

On the way home from dinner, I heard a giggle in the backseat. I saw that Jaxon had inadvertently splashed Luke with the straw from his cup when his straw flipped out of his mouth. Both of them were giggling about it and it made me realize they already have a knowledge of little funny things like that. It is so hard to explain but it wasn't a baby laugh, and it was just between them. It was beautiful.

And last but not least, tonight while Don had the boys give him letter toys out of the tub, he was surprised to see Wyatt now knows about 20 of the letters. Their little minds are picking up so much and learning so quickly. I am so proud of them!

Here is a little video of a minute of our day. Nothing exciting, but you can hear them say "thank you" and look at their cute faces :)


Cathy said...

Note to self...don't eat any homecooked meals at the Grubb house! LMAO!

The boys are too cute! Isn't it fun watching them learn?!

allhisblessings said...
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tiedyemom said...

Precious--absolutely precious!!! Love the t-shirts---Cayden needs one! LOL ;) Kids are soooo smart, aren't they?