Sunday, July 08, 2007

Fourth of July

My parents have lived in their neighborhood for about 13 years now, and every year there are two or three holidays they like to get together with some other neighbors to celebrate. This year -like many before it- Don and I chose to celebrate the Fourth of July with some of those family friends. It is truly good food, good friends and good times rolled into one.
After eating some delicious BBQ that Louis cooked on the grill, we just hung out back under the patio where (thankfully) Cynthia and Steve had misters on. The temperature was up past 110, so the misters were a perfect way to help us all enjoy each other.
When it started getting dark outside, Don and I took the boys and followed Mom and Dad out front to watch the fireworks. As soon as Jaxon heard the first big BOOM, he ran right over to me and made it pretty obvious he didn't much care for the fireworks this year. Nana wasn't feeling to hot either, so she volunteered to take Jaxon over to her house and keep him inside there. Lucas and Wyatt, on the other hand, really loved watching the fireworks. They tried to scoot closer and closer to all the action on the street until it made us nervous and we pulled them back. Shortly after that, we saw it was almost 9 o'clock and time to get them home.

This year was really relaxing, and it was so nice to catch up to all the people we seem to only run into at these neighborhood parties.


Teresa said...

That cake looks DELICIOUS!

It sounds like a lot of fun. We didn't attempt fireworks this year. I'm hoping next year will be the perfect age! Glad 2 of the 3 enjoyed them. Although Jaxon probably enjoyed grandma's undivided attention for a little bit!

McNamara said...

Jaxon and his cousin Joey have the same idea of fireworks. I came hoem from the hospital and ran inside to take the kids out front to see the fireworks. Grace was thrilled, Joey on the other hand, said "I want to go inside" and was hanging onto Joe and I like glue..........there's always next year! :)