Monday, July 16, 2007


This past weekend Don ran upstairs to grab his wallet while I was putting the boys shoes on them. I remembered my earrings were upstairs and yelled up to Don to please grab them. Like little echos, we heard "Dooon! from all corners of the room. Tonight while I am on the computer, we hear Jaxon's little voice calling out - not to Dada, but to "Don". Don thinks it is hilarious now, but admits it would not be so funny if they were 4 years old saying it. :)

The boys are talking so much lately. Not sentences so much, but words to identify things they see. Animals, letters, names.. so many different words they know. They are even FINALLY beginning to say each others names. For a while, Wyatt has been saying "g-ax" for Jaxon, but that has been far and few between. Luke has begun to say "Why-why" for Wyatt and the rest is just a blur right now.

Another new thing is that in the past Wyatt and Jax have always gravitated towards each other while Luke would prefer to do this own thing. For the past few weeks it has been a free for all with all three of them playing together. Kisses and hugs are given freely to all and they all do silly things to make the others laugh. Just the other day I got them up from nap time and Lucas was still sleeping. Wyatt was distressed that Luke was left in the room and ran back to the bedroom to find out where his brother was. That really made me realize that finally they have all grown closer.

**I have to add one more picture for my brother :)

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tiedyemom said...

I love the pictures and Cayden LOVES the movies!!! Keep them coming! Oh, I have a new blog address you'll want to change in your links area.