Sunday, October 10, 2010


This cute, cuddly, little ball of non shedding fur, is starting to drive us a bit batty. She thinks she is a person. More specifically, she thinks she is a five year old human person. A fourth triplet, if you will.

This day, Roxy was caged long enough for me to drive the boys to school, and come straight home. Maybe 30 minutes at the most. All that black stuff all over the floor? that is the bottom to the cage. It used to look like a big black plastic cookie sheet. She shredded it so bad, it fit in a plastic bag. And her cage used to be next to the door on the left. She flipped it over in her crazy fit.

And this? I used to have blinds on my living room window. Used to. A moment of silence please for my pretty wooden blinds.

This was another 20-30 minute stretch of time. Roxy flipped her cage on this day as well, but did so in a way that gravity agreed with her and made her cage door pop open. Luckily the doggie door was closed (because she can escape the yard, you know), but unluckily for the blinds, they were in Roxy's way when she was trying to spot her boys. WHO WERE AT SCHOOL, ROXY!

Lastly, this is Roxy in her cage, flipped again. She is beating the crap out of our wall behind her, all that cage bumping and flipping is starting to show against the brown paint.

Don and I have since realized that her cage needs to be put upside down and secured with zip ties on one of the doors. With the bigger holes at the top, she can not fit her legs out to flip or move the cage. (Yet) We also have D-rings around the other cage door as reinforcement in case she does manage to flip it.

She is cute -luckily. And other than these damages above, we have had not a single complaint about her behavior. She tolerates the boys better than we do sometimes, and is so adorably social with others -dogs and humans included.

The boys feed her regularly without complaint, and play with her all the time. They help wear her down, and she does the same for them while giving them a fourth playmate. It is a win win for me, especially since Don generally does poop patrol. All I need to do is change her water a couple times a day.

Except on the days I had to clean up all my broken blinds. And clean up her shredded cage bottom. And then scrub the carpet where she bled a bit on it from her crazy moment. AND pick up the trash from the garbage can on the floor. And wash the windows and doors where her dirty paws and/or tongue dirty it all up...

But I still love her.

How could I deny that cute face?


Jocelyn - Henry's Mommy said...

What type of dog is Roxy? She is gorgeous!

Laura said...

Thanks! She is a labradoodle. Part labrador and part poodle.

The Alexanders said...

HAHAHA, I love this post...we also have a dog that my husband, boys and I all love to pieces but can be total trouble...last week she ripped up our carpet to the underlay to try and climb up on a dresser to get sophie the squeaking giraffe...and she is a mini daschund so there was never any hope of her getting up there!!!