Wednesday, October 13, 2010


A quilt store here in town is closing. They had a $2 a yard sale last week. For fabric that is generally over $10 yard to go on sale for that low is huge. Needless to say, I packed the boys up with some snacks and video games and waited outside the door with all the other crazy quilters for the store to open.

Not only did we have to wait a half hour to get in the store, it took almost an hour to get checked out. The boys didn't seem to mind though, games in hand a new friend to boot!

So not what I thought my 30's would be like by the way!

Now that the boys are in school, they are meeting friends on their own.

The boys got invited to their first school friend birthday party. Their friend Kalani had his 6th birthday at Chuck E Cheese. The boys gave him a super hero cape and a little notebook. Kalani used the new notebook and crayons to write the boys thank you notes. How cute is this? He got their hair right and everything!


Annie said...

HA HA HA!! You crack me up! What exactly did you think you're 30's were going to be like? Mine aren't exactly what I pictured either...

Melanie said...

I did not picture my 30s like this at all! At least my early 30s.
The boys were so excited to open their capes up this morning and Trey thought it was so much fun to be Batman that when I went to their room after hearing some giggling, he was standing on his head with his feet on the wall. I asked him what he was doing and he said he was Batman and that Batman sleeps upside down like a bat. I had to convince him that Batman only did that when he was dressed as Batman and not as Bruce Wayne and since he was just Trey in his jammies, he should sleep in his bed.

Laura said...

Oh Melanie, you just wait to see what ideas those capes pop into their heads :)

I am so glad they love them!

All the way into their heads and hearts, mine belive it is the real deal when they have it on. Lots of pretend fighting as well, even with random kids at the play ground -never a problem, but caught me off guard a few times.
A far cry from our Thomas the train days, for sure :)

Annie said...

Hey girl. Here's the link to my new blog... We'll see how it goes...