Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Operation Day

Last night as we were driving home from Target, Don and I had a talk with the kids about today's plan. I let Jax and Luke know they were going to go to Nana's while Wyatt stayed with Mommy and Daddy for his operation.

Jax got real snotty and told Wyatt he was not going to Nana's THEY were. Wyatt was not allowed to go to Nana's tomorrow.

I was a bit irritated with Jax, but didn't want to make it into an issue, so I reminded Wyatt that yes, he had to stay for his operation, but after his operation he would get lots of ice cream, yogurt, pudding and other yummy treats. Wyatt thought that sounded good to him.

Apparently Jaxon thought so, too. The next thing we heard was Jax saying, "I love getting operations, too".

**Please say a prayer for Wyatt and his Doctors this morning. It would be much appreciated.**

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Annie in Texas said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you. I pray that Wyatt will have a speedy recovery. Lots of love, Mike and Annie