Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow Fun

Yesterday we took the boys up to Red Rock Canyon when Don got home from work. It is a bit higher in elevation, so we were hopeful we would find the snow there. Jackpot! The snow was so fresh and powdery, and the air was crisp and luckily without any wind.

First we did some sledding

Then Don taught the boys how to pack the snow into a snow ball

Uh oh, looks like someone is going to get ambushed!

After an hour of fun, Wyatt had enough and sat in the car to warm up

Don had an idea to bring home a tub full of snow home, and the Jax and Luke used team work to fill it up.

The view of Las Vegas through the mountains on the way home.


laraine said...

Laura - what a great idea. It looks like you guys had a blast!!. I absolutely love the photo of all 5 of you - thats definitely one for the picture frame.

I thought of heading out towards Mt. Charleston but I dont have any snow clothes for the boys - they would freeze in any real snow :-) As it is I just bought them hats and gloves yesterday - the ones we had were way too small. I definitely have to get snow clothes though- I promised them we would go to the mountain this winter.

Michele S said...

Those pictures are breathtaking. I can't believe how beautiful they turned out!

Brooklyn said...

Beautiful photo of your family in front of Red Rock Canyon! I've been there once before. It was when I cycled at SIRM and got my twins. :)

That's funny about Las Vegas shuting down over a little bit of snow. We use to live in Alabama and I actually met people who had never seen snow in real life. Weird since I grew up with it!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!