Monday, December 15, 2008

Las Vegas Winter Wonderland

Last month the preschool taught the boys about fall/autumn. Realistically, looking for a tree with changing leaves is not that easy here in Las Vegas. Mostly it is the mulberry trees that change out here, and those are frowned upon because they are bad for allergies, there for they are short in supply. If you are lucky, you can sporadically spot one while driving down a street in the older parts of town.

Sometimes it is hard to remember that we are in December right now. Until last week, the boys were able to play out front with short sleeve shirts on while Don put up the Christmas decorations.

I think all of Las Vegas was shocked to wake up and see there is a "Winter Weather Warning" for Las Vegas until 11pm. It is supposed to be a high of 42 with a 70% chance of rain and the forecast actually calls for SNOW. It wouldn't be the first time it snowed out here, but to have it forecasted -that is new to me.

Getting the boys ready for school today was a new experience. How do you dress a kid when it snows? Layers? Big sweaters? Just a long sleeve shirt and a winter jacket? Better yet, what was I going to wear to keep warm? Do I bring the kids gloves in case it actually does snow? I wanted to just dress them like normal, thinking they could just run from the car to inside the preschool, but I didn't want them to get chilled so I went the opposite route. Tee shirts under sweaters, under a huge double layered winter jacket. And I brought their gloves just in case.

And the umbrella.

Today was the boys last day of school for December. Each of their teachers are going through hard personal times and they had decided to end the session a little earlier. One of the men that works at the school dressed up like Santa and passed out candy canes.

When we walked out of school, there were huge fat snowflakes falling. It was such perfect timing and the boys were just loving it. After a few minutes, the cold set in and we ran off to the car. Hopefully we can get some more snow tonight. Who knew Las Vegas could be a winter wonderland?


Annie said...

HA HA HA HA HA!!! Oh, Laura. You're too funny. Didn't you grow up in BUFFALO?????? You know, where we get BLIZZARDS????? Maybe the boys need to visit so they can see some REAL snow!

Laura said...

Annie, Wyatt would never last. He is not a fan of coldness AT ALL. His little face just shuts down -no expression and eyes closed -willing his body to be somewhere warm.
The other two on the other hand would LOVE it! Chestnut Ridge, here we come!

Annie said...

Ha ha! I'm with Wyatt. That is EXACTLY what I was doing this morning when I was getting into my cold car and it was 19 degrees!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Annie, the boys should come for a visit in the Winter Wonderland of Buffalo. I can't take the cold either, I'm with Wyatt. It was 17 when I got into the car for work this morning and walked Grace into school. We dress in layers here in the cold, so I agree with the route you took, you can always take clothes off if you feel too warm or if you've over dressed, but it's hard to warm up if you don't have enough clothes on that's for sure. Take more pics of the snow. And I can attest to the 40 degree temps and ice in Vegas, the year Grace and I came in January, brrr!!