Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pictures on my phone

Lately, I have been taking more pictures on my phone than I used to. Usually it is to try to keep Don updated about what is going on with the kids, what they are doing in class, or if just something cute is going on. Since they are mostly just everyday moments, there is no better place to document the everyday than here.

In order of oldest to newest:

My Mom and I took the kids to the Aquarium at a local Casino. See, casinos do have family activities :)

My little monkeys sleeping in the backseat.

Jaxon and I

Gymnastics class. Lucas (in yellow) and Jax (in red) are on the balance beam. Wyatt is on the edge in green.

I had to laugh at this and take a picture to show Don. I am not sure if you can read it, but it is a sign advertising for someone running for Senate.

Movie day.

Look what Nana and Pops got us for the boys birthday!

Lucas prefers to play in the box.

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