Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Fire Station Fun

The other day we had a chance to go on a tour of a fire station with the LVMOMS group that I belong to. We got a tour inside and out, and then of course the kids got to play in and around the trucks. We even saw the ambulance go out to a call, so the kids got to see the lights and hear the siren up close.

On our way out, the firefighters passed out little fireman hats and sticker badges. They even had a little booklet that the boys could color in also to remind them that firemen are our friends and even though they look scary in their uniform (helmet, jackets, big clothing) they are there to help. The boys really had a good time and love wearing their little hats around in the house.

When we got home there were two messages on the machine from Don. I sat the kids down with crayons to color their new fireman pictures while I started lunch. As the messages were playing, I realized the boys were talking back to him, so I had to get the camera and record it.


Annie said...

That is so cute! Glad to see the boys love their crayons. Next time I come to visit I am bringing Play-Doh!!



Tripletblessed said...

How precious. What a great idea I'm going to have to check with my local fire department now for my local MoM's group.

Brooklyn said...

What a fun day trip! I'll have to tell our MOM's group about that. Your first photo of all 3 of you boys sitting on the front of the fire truck is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Oh that is so sweet that they were talking back to the answering machine! Darling.

a portland granny said...

What makes a cuter picture than three little boys and a fire engine!!?? They are just adorable and watching them coloring so well, is so fun to see. I liked the video of them in their underwear--so cute. They are truly handsome little boys.

Glad to be back catching up on some of my special little people.