Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Busy Busy Days

This past week has been jammed full of things to do. Michael, Matthew and Cathryn staying with us really pumped things up around here. We spent lots of time at the parks, playing in the water and having fun. While the boys napped, the big kids got acquainted with the Wii and had some great competition going.

Matthew and Cathryn have been loving the guitars and drums here. They grab the fireman hats or the cowboy hats and make their own band. Matthew is hilarious in the evening playing Wii, singing out bits of songs he has heard during the day as he plays.

What the kids have wanted to do more often had been swimming. Finally last night with Nana back, we all had a really good time in the pool. The weather has been well over 100, so that pool feels so refreshing in this heat.

The van has been returned to the rental place, and I have to admit, I will miss it. It was nice having all that room between the kids -much less fighting, but much less control, too.

Today we saw our third free movie of the summer. We get a magazine about Vegas and I find that there are free Tues and Wed morning movies, as well as free Thurs-Sun outside movies at various places in the evenings as well. Free is good.

Don's parents are heading back into town soon. His grandma LaVerne (who lives about two hours away) is sick and they are going to visit some other California family as well. So it should be an exciting week and the kids will love having so much family around. Lots to look forwards to.

Here is a slide show of the past few days. Mostly action shots, but we were having such a good time, I couldn't just narrow it down to a few for the post. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Have you given up on potty training already... it looks like your boys are in diapers in the pictures? I can't wait to be done with diapers, and yet, i'm not sure i'm ready to undertake the task of potty training my three!

Laura said...

Oh yeah, we gave up PTing a long time ago. After 2 full weeks of not leaving the house at all and really giving it all we had -we came to the realization that they just weren't ready. It was a daily battle and costing me my sanity and happy disposition :)

Hopefully we will undertake it again in the weeks to come, but only on a one on one basis.

Anonymous said...

It looks like everyone is having a blast and getting tan/sunburnt in the mean time. Please give the kids kisses from me.
Miss you!