Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween!
Last night our Halloween plan was to bring the boys to my moms neighborhood. Her neighbors are pretty tight and most everyone knows each other. So after they were fed and dressed, we headed out. My sister was with us, so we figured with three adults, we'll just let the boys walk with us. Makes sense...1 adult for each child. It only took us to get about 3 houses down to decide it is a bit too early for walking freedom and Don backtracked to get the wagon out of the car. Once the boys were contained, we walked them around the block and Don gave them a super sonic ride in the wagon. He runs with the wagon behind him, swerving from one side of the street to the other, I swear he is going to tip them all out of the wagon one day. They love when Don does this, they just keep looking over at me, their expressions are saying, "Hey Mom, you see this, look at us mom, look how fast!" All three of them laughing out loud with these huge smiles plastered on their faces. My heart about stopped as Wyatt's wagon went on two wheels. But it landed back down and I distracted Don with chatter so he wouldn't give Leigha and I a heart attack.
After my moms neighborhood, we decide to check out the Trick or Treat situation at the District. There were people lined up in front of the stores, bags held open for more candy. Luckily, the boys are not interested yet in the candy, more so in the costumed people, so we just pulled them through to the grass area. They ran for about 10 minutes and it was enough. So many kids all over, it was hard to keep track of where all 3 were, so it was time to head out. Don talked to a newscaster getting a Halloween story and he and the boys ended up on the late night news (11pm) Channel 3.
I didn't get all the pictures I wanted to, it just seemed like I didn't have enough hands. But the few I have are good for this year. I know there will be more Halloweens to come.


Laraine said...

igocLaura - they look absolutely adorable. It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. I'm in Orlando on business so I didn't get to trick or treat with my boys. My mom was absoltely thrilled though as she got to take them out on Haloween.

Wendi said...

The costumes are phenomenal!!!! What a great job you did creating them. It sounds like you all had a wonderful evening!

Michele S said...

I LOVE THE COSTUMES!!! You really did such a good job. They are great! Don sounds so much like Greg when it comes to pulling the wagon down the street like a maniac. That is EXACTLY something Greg would do. I hear this "rough" play is important for boys. I also hear it gives mom's heart attacks. LIKE ME!

How cool that you got on the news! Did you stay up to watch it?

Lesa said...

Those are the greatest costumes EVER!!!!