Saturday, October 28, 2006

Saturday before Halloween

Busy busy day! First thing this morning we headed out to Summerlin Hospital where they were having a playdate for all the babies who have been in the NICU. Like most of the babies there, our boys had their costumes on and it was so fun to get a preview of many costumes out there. There were a set of ladybugs, a supergirl, bat girl, hulk, butterflies, a tigger and some monkeys too. All the kids were all over the place, playing with each others toys, walking up to all the different people (we were all sitting on the floor) I don't think there was a single issue of fighting over toys. The boys did great... they were in a new place, new people all over, kids everywhere, and they just blended right in. We didn't have to chase them, make them share, or pull them off any other children. It was really neat to watch the boys out of their regular surroundings, to see them out of the confinements of our house and not so much under our thumbs.

That afternoon when they got up from their naps, we headed out to Whole Foods to get some vitamins. After the store we decided to make a night of it and walk across the street to The District to window shop and eat dinner at Lucilles BBQ. The weather was so nice we were able to sit out on the patio in front. Once we were seated to our table, the boys kept flirting with women and girls at nearby tables and people were coming up to us telling us how good the babies were behaving (they really were being so good!)
After dinner we let the boys run in the grassy area. The trees had been covered with strands of white lights that Wyatt just couldn't stop looking at. He would run around, then go right back over to look at the lights. Luke was just a free little man, I don't think I have ever seen him run with just fun in mind. Usually he is a man on a mission, but he was just enjoying watching the bigger kids and running around with them. Jaxon was just giggling and keeping us on our toes. He would go from one side to the other, growling like he was chasing or being chased laughing and then lose his footing and fall. He didn't mind though, he just would smile bigger and get up again.
There were easily 70 or so dogs around, too. I think one of the pet boutiques in the District had a pet photographer. All these little (and some HUGE)dogs had on Halloween costumes. Witches, pumpkins, ballerinas, wizards...amazing the dog costumes that are out there. The boys loved it, they kept hitting their thighs saying "doh, doh" and Jaxon was squealing and laughing when he'd get to see them up close. After we saw the dogs,we contemplated walking around a bit more, but decided it was better to go while the boys were still happy and not yet sleepy. As we loaded them into the carseats and stuck the wagon in the back we just talked about how it all was such a great day. A totally ideal Saturday.

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Michele S said...

That sounds like soooo much fun! Isn't it great now that they are getting older and you could do all these fun thing????? I was hoping to see a picture of the three of them in the costumes. I guess I just have to wait longer.