Monday, October 23, 2006

Our Buddies

We have finally been catching up with Cathy and her brood. We all went to Sunset park last week, Walmart this past weekend, and tonight we had dinner over at our house.

Since someone always seems to be sniffling or coughing, it has been a couple months since we have actually let all the kids play together at one of our homes. There were some major differences this play date. We have 5 walkers now, last time we were at Cathy's, only Luke was walking (Robert started walking only a couple days after we were there). So much more laughter this time! Cathy's boys are obviously beautiful little guys, but I haven't had the joy of making them laugh. But tonight while Wyatt was trying to pass a toy to Cathy's mouth from his own, I was playing with Robert and just had him giggling away. Noah was also a little outgoing man, he sat on my lap and bounced away like a little bull rider. My boys kept walking right up to Cathy, trying to get her was amazing to see how much more comfortable they were with the other kids, not so clingy or attached to their parents this time around.

Dinner with 7 kids was interesting. I have to tell you, it really seems like any more than the three is just more kids. They all were perfectly behaved, barely any cup throwing, lots of food was eaten. LOTS I am talking almost an entire large pizza (9 out of 10 slices), one can of green beans, 2 cans of pears, and one can of peaches between 7 children, 6 of who average 18 months old. I felt like we were feeding a football team. The boys just kept on packing the food in like little bottomless pits. It makes me wonder if those 3 boys had innies before we fed them....

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