Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Lots of Family

One of the main reasons Don and I want to move out of Las Vegas is to be in a more family friendly atmosphere. I am not just talking about a place where pictures of nearly naked people aren't on top of taxi cabs or where a picture of very barely dressed women aren't on a billboard. I mean a place where our kids can grow up with great memories of hanging out with family, especially their own cousins. Both Don and I remember our younger life (as in before 11 or 12 years old) surrounded by tons of family. In my case, Carl and I lived with our Grandma and Grandpa, along with 2 of our aunts until I was in 4th grade. I remember lots of visits to my cousins house or them coming over to my grandma's house. Christmas time was filled with so much family that the kids would draw names of who they would be a secret santa for that year, only to spill the secret on Christmas day. From what I understand Don's family all lived on the same street, or close to it. He has told me that they would play together all day and night, eating at each others house, just plain old getting into trouble. We both love those times in our lives- and want nothing more than to give that type of family life to our boys.

As I mentioned before, my nephew Matthew is in town with my brother, Carl. Matthew's birthday was a few days before they came out to visit so my mom planned a family birthday party for him out here. Besides the boys first birthday, I can not think of one other relative child's birthday party I have been to in over TEN YEARS! We had pizza, presents, ice cream cake and a surprisingly lively version of Happy Birthday was sung for Matthew.
I really enjoyed it all, especially when Matthew just whipping through his presents looking for "Little Guys" He was so excited to know he was getting some, but he was being teased, and the best was saved for last. Before he had gotten to the little guys though, he had opened a present from his dad that was a Army Costume. It had a camouflage vest, hat, little canteen, binoculars, plastic knife and other army guy necessities. Once he finally got to his "little guys" he was all suited up and ready to join them on the field.
It was so neat to have most of our immediate family here for a birthday party. It brought back many happy times for Don and I and we can't wait until we can share these days with our boys.


Teresa said...

Looks like a LOT of fun.

Hey, I've tagged you for a meme. When you get a chance, come on over and find out about it. We'd like to know more about YOU.

The Grubb Family said...

We had Matthew's 2nd birthday party when we lived in Vegas at your moms house and then when we came to visit we had Natalie's 1st birthday party at your house, that was within 10 years. Don't forget about us! LOL

The Grubbs said...

Heather, YOU ARE RIGHT! LOL! I guess one being over 3 years ago and the other one being about 6 years ago, no wonder it slipped my mind! I guess it could be a 3 year trend between Don's and my family....I could never forget about you all! XOXOXOXO

Anonymous said...

HEY-Thanks for including us on your page. It means a lot to me. Thank you so much for being there. Just so you know you don't always have to be around my family in person because all of you (yes Don even you) are in my heart at all times!!!!!! I love you 4(and Don) so I guess its you 5---CARL