Monday, November 13, 2006

The Plastic Bubble

I am turning into a tacky lady. Last week (or maybe just Thursday and Friday night) Don and I were up to all hours of the night in a cleaning frenzy to get ready for a long over due open house. Our eyes were finally opened to what a mess it was when on Halloween day someone called to see the house and we had to turn them down because it was in no shape to be shown. The kids are contained to one room during the day, but in the little time we let them wander, they really tear the house up. Windows are showcases of tiny finger and hand prints. The kitchen floor showed signs of almost every spill the sippy cups have made in weeks. Well, except what the dogs were kind enough to clean up for us.

Now the house is cleaned. Every closet, room, bed, and shelf has been remade or reorganized, windows and mirrors have been windexed and buffed to a shine and the counters are dust and grime free. After spending a good hour cleaning our "cozy" kitchen floor, I have gotten the bright idea to cover the tile with a tablecloth. I know we still had some cute plaid flannel backed tablecloths we never used, but they were blue and green and would drive me crazy by not matching. So I decided to get clear plastic from JoAnns, the same kind we have already covered out kitchen table with. And our kitchen chairs that the boys booster seats sit on. Our kitchen now looks like a 3 layer plastic sandwich. I love it so much I even bought an extra yard to go by the front door since we don't have a rug and Crocs tread really pushes dirt into the tile.
I feel like I live in Frank and Marie Barones house. Wonder if I could find a pattern to make a plastic slipcover for my couch...


MicheleS said...

That is soooo funny!!!! OMG! Do you think I could buy enough to drape every square inch of my house? You wait until they are "set free" like mine. Nothing is sacred. My house could not be sold under any conditions. The best we can hope for is to go on vacation and have it burn down.

Wendi said...

Laura...I am laughing so hard just visualizing all this plastic everywhere!!! Did you decide where you will be moving???