Saturday, November 25, 2006

Little Words

Lucas said his first word! Tonight while I was buckling him in his car seat, I had shifted him a bit to be sure he was straight and secure. I asked him "you okay, baby?" And he said "baby", he said it clear as a bell and about 6 times, so I am sure it is the real deal. When my mom got here he refused to say it anymore, but Don and I were both able to hear it.

Also my mom is here tonight so I can help her wrap her Christmas presents. I love to wrap Christmas presents -seriously! Don, my mom, and I were putting the kids in their cribs and Wyatt softly said "mama, dada, nana"! He was listing us out in his little mind, but it was so sweet!

It is amazing how their little words have such a big impact on my heart!

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JenMom said...

so sweet! let the fun begin! Fast forward one year: We cannot get ours to stop chattering. :-)