Saturday, May 13, 2006

Luke's First Steps

The title says it all. We are very proud of our little Luke to have the tenacity and sheer determination to hold his little body balanced and take 4 baby steps. He has been working towards this for weeks now, just pulling himself up to his toys, couch, or us (you get the idea) and letting go to s l o w l y sit down. We have been amazed at the muscles this guy must have in his legs to control how fast or slow he falls. He has balanced for 10 seconds at a time, working on what to do next -no rush- but just to test his own limits.

So last night, we had such a long and wonderful day and were just letting the kids get their last drops of energy out. The babies were half dressed in their pj's, crawling all over the living room and playing with their toys and us. Luke is attached to a wipe, crawling around with it in his mouth, drops it and picks it up with his mouth and pulls himself up to the love seat. Turns towards Don and I and takes his first little steps! Good Job Lukey, we love you little guy!