Wednesday, May 10, 2006


(l-r) Luke, Wyatt and Jaxon
Why is it that they want to hit the tv? They have HUNDREDS of toys they could play with and keep occupied, but why do they find the TV and stereo so very fascinating? Is it the reaction from us? You would laugh if you saw the way Wyatt has shown his defiant side. He crawls right to the stereo, looks back at us, doesn't much care if we are watching him or not, pulls himself up to the TV and BANG BANG BANG little fat hands slapping the bottom of the tv. I will say WYATT in my stern mom voice, and he looks at me and gets down quickly. BUT by then, Jaxon or Luke heard the bangs and are quickly coming to out number us. So Wyatt looks at me, smiles and gets back up. Luke goes up and says "uh-uh-uh" because he knows that is what we say when we see them do it. It is hilarious, but makes us concerned about what's ahead. They know they have power in numbers. But we put our heads together and concocted a contraption out of wood and plexi glass that will keep toys and hands from our tv and other electronics in the area.

kids-0, mom and dad-1