Sunday, May 28, 2006

Happy Birthday Boys!

Last weekend we had the boys first birthday party. Cute balloons and banners. Lots of food and a big train cake. 3 different salads, a couple Subways subs, tons of soda and water. There were 3 little cakes for the boys and it was at a park so all the kiddos could keep busy playing. Sounds perfect right? But where were the boys? They were sleeping.
Poor little guys had a gotten a little virus a few days beforehand and it really took a toll on them. Luke was with us for almost half of the party, being passed from Aunt Judy to Gina, myself, my mom and my dad. He just hung out quietly taking in all the faces and sounds. Wyatt was awake for about an hour or so, mostly hanging out with Melissa, trying out some new foods (heehee). Jaxon was down for the count... this little baby was like a heater, he was so warm and he slept all the way until clean up time. Luckily, he woke up in time for some 4 generation photos with Don's side. We had brought along the boys little choo choo wagon. I think the kids played more with the wagon then they did in the playground. Sometimes there would be 2 kids in a seat! The little guests got to take home loot bags with disguise glasses, bubbles, jump ropes, monkey tattoos, little beach balls and pin wheels.
Unfortunately, the boys didn't do the big first birthday cake. We had 3 little cakes, but they melted and the boys were in no shape to eat anything other than toast and bananas anyhow. We plan on bringing them back to the park maybe next weekend and let them at it on a sheet out there. It feels naked that we are not posting any pictures of them digging into their first birthday cake. We had a really great time and are thankful for everyone who took the time to come celebrate with us. It meant a lot to us to know our boys have such a large extended "family". Thank you all for making it such a wonderful day!

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