Saturday, May 13, 2006

Family Visit

We've had my 2 nephews and 1 niece in town this past week or so, and it has been great! They haven't seen the babies since the babies were less than 3 months old and about as fun as a bump on a log. This time, the kids are all interacting together. Cathryn (6) read them a book yesterday and loves to hold them while they have their bottle.
Matthew (is only 3) was not so sure, being he was the baby until they came along, and poor guy -there are lots of "the babies" rules..example, "shhh, not so loud, the babies are sleeping", "Matthew, not so rough, they are babies", you get the idea. So we have been making extra sure he has been getting lots of fun cuddles and time to play without babies and finally he warmed up to them yesterday. He wanted to hold on to their stroller yesterday when we were going out to dinner, and has actually shared his toys with them.

Michael (11) has been hanging out with us a lot. He's a huge help around here. Loves to play with the boys, let them wear his hat, helps to watch them while Don and I cook or clean. Yesterday Michael and I took them to the mall, fed them at the food court and walked around with them for a couple hours while Don got his ankle checked out at the drs office.
We had a good time, and Michael is so protective about people asking about the kids. No one will come between him and his cousins!

Last night we went to the GVR buffet, turned out to be a early Mothers day dinner with Don, myself our kids, my mom, Matthew and Michael. We had a nice time,the food was great and all 5 kids behaved beautifully. It was truly a perfect family dinner so we took some pictures, including one of the floor. This was just what Jaxon left!