Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weekend in CA

The beach was calling us, so this past weekend we took a quick trip to California. We stayed at a beautiful 4 star hotel for only $70 a night (yeah priceline!). It was on the ground floor and had sliding glass doors that led out to a sand volley ball pit only 20 feet away. The boys loved running outside and it was a great way to have them wind down after that long car ride getting there.

We were trying to be as budget conscious as possible, so Don packed our cooler full of hot dogs and chicken along with some kids snacks and chip dip. After breakfast we went to the beach and did not leave again until after it got dark. Don bbq'd both lunch and dinner and it was so good. The boys ate way more than we thought they would, a testament to either the great tasting food or working up an appetite, I am not sure. Probably both :)

Either way, with their stomachs full after lunch, they nodded off and Don and I got to have some fun of our own boogie boarding. For about an hour we were riding waves all the way in to the beach, taking turns checking on the boys. It was definitely the highlight of the weekend for Don and I, having a bit of alone time out in the water. Soon Jaxon peeked his head out and he loved sitting with us while we took turns showing him how we rode the waves in. Once Wyatt woke up, the fun was over for me, but Jaxon started really started getting into watching Don out there. Jax would cheer him on, or laugh a huge belly laugh when a wave would surprise Don from behind.

The boys kept busy most of the day playing in the sand with their toys or jumping in the water. Our rule for yesterday was only in the water up to their knees as that pull from the water was pretty strong. Jaxon and Wyatt loved jumping over the waves as they came in around their feet and would just stand there and yell into the ocean. Luke took a while to feel comfortable in the water, but once he decided it was fun, he just couldn't get enough of it.

On Sunday morning we woke up early and packed up our things from the hotel. We decided to visit the beach once more before we left. We wanted to show the boys the pier (or "bridge" as they called it). So after a walk up the pier we played in the water a bit more before we saw a family there searching for sand crabs. Luke decided he wanted to dig too, so Don showed him how to catch the crabs deep in the sand. None of the boys wanted to actually touch the sand crabs, but they loved watching Don get them.

After only a couple hours on the beach we baby powdered the boys down to get all the sand off and started our long car ride home. I got a little sun burn on my legs and Don on his stomach, but luckily the boys are burn free. It was a really good weekend.


Cathy said...

Looks like you guys had a blast. I wonder how my kids would like the beach--Leigha HATED it when she was 2!

Laura said...

Luke was not a fan either last year or the year before, just sitting on the blanket the whole time. This year at age 4 I think they are just more into the "fun" aspect of it all. The whole trip cost less than $300 food & gas included... you guys deserve a break like that -you should try it!

Andrea said...

Sounds like a fun getaway!! I love that picture of the three of them snoozing under the tent.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great time, love, love, love the pics!!!!
Miss you!


Thrifty Living Mom said...

Glad you had a good time--sounds like a wonderful trip. What are the boys sleeping in?

Laura said...

They are sleeping in a tentish thing. It looks like half a dome and at the half way point, it zips up. I am pretty sure it is made for the beach, but could be wrong. Since there is a huge shortage of beaches here, those things tend to be pretty cheap out here. :)