Monday, July 20, 2009

It's too hot here

In California, it was so nice outside that Don and I drove around with our windows down, be danged with the fact that the kids whined about the wind for the first 5 minutes of it.

My hair was so soft and much more likeable even with salt and sand tangled up in it.

It is pathetic the boys got to run more from our hotel room than from our back door at home.

I miss my husband while he is at work.

So I will just sit and listen to the boys scream over their train, or now scream over freshly ruined train tracks. Mixed in with the sound of the air conditioning hum and Blue's Clues.

Calgon take me away.


Annie said...

Well, I guess that just means you're going to have to come back to Buffalo!!! We miss you and it definitely hasn't been warm here. Come back!!! :)

Michele S said...

Gosh, I wish I was there to share the inferno with you, but I'm here shivering with the door open. Brrrrrrr......

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anne, it's cold and rainy here :( But we'd love to have you back!!!!!!!