Monday, July 20, 2009


In the past few days I have really heard the changes in the boys speech and vocabulary. The subject of Belle comes up every once in a while and the things they ask and say touch my heart. The way they have grasped her passing is amazing and I have realized how much information these little guys retain.

While I was playing with Jaxon the other day he told me to "settle down minute, I need a break". Jaxon just asked me why am I putting the letters back (I was deleting some letters while typing) and then he told me "there are too many letters here".

In the car, Lucas was talking about how he was scared of the Dr looking in his mouth. Not to be left out, Jaxon said he was scared, too. Luke immediately called him out on it saying, "Come on, Jax. You not scared!".

Wyatt constantly talks about which colors everyone has on and has an amazing ability to remember the information (any information!) he has been told. He wanted a yogurt the other day. Since he just ate breakfast not even 10 minuted before, I told him he may have some after the garbage men leave. The garbage men were hours late, not coming until after 3, but as soon as they beeped the horn as they drove away, Wyatt looked at me and asked, "May we have yogurt now? The garbage men are gone today."

All three are getting into role playing. Usually it is along the lines of "you be Thomas, I'll be Percy and hey Jack-in (how they pronounce Jaxon) what train are you?" And role play they do. I love hearing them think of new ideas and love listening to how their minds work now.

Admittedly, their nonstop chatter can drive me inside out crazy some days. But if I take a minute to really listen to what they are saying, it makes me laugh about 70% of the time.

Like the other day when Jaxon heard Larry the Cable Guy on the radio and recognized Mater's voice. "Guys! You hear that, shhh. shhh! It Mater on the wadio!". About an hour later on the way home he spotted a palm tree and yelled, "goodness gwacious! Dats a big pineapple!".

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