Saturday, July 11, 2009

Little things

After we put the kids to bed tonight, Don and I laid down on our bed, watching television. After only 10 minutes, we hear someone open the door and go into the bathroom. Only a minute later, we see a small silhouette in our door way. Jaxon asks us "what you guys doing?" "What you watching on tv?" Don answered we were about to watch him get back in his room if he didn't want to get in BIG trouble, and the little guy ran.

We have been playing a lot of what we call the "animal game". It is something I made up to help them stay awake on the 15 minute drive coming back from the pool. I am thinking of an animal... and then they describe the animal and someone else guesses it. Generally Wyatt comes up with great descriptions of animals like penguins, rabbits, ducks, etc. Lucas is getting the hang of it, but mostly makes up his own animals. OR keeps telling, "that not it" and 20 seconds later, when we have all given up, tells us it is the animal we have already been guessing. Jaxon always chooses a zebra (white and black stripe) or a crocodile (it's mouth goes like this *while his hands slap together*)

Randomly the boys will tell me "M is for mouth!" or "P is for puppy!" Just in the car, while watching tv or anywhere they hear a word a think about it, they will tell me what it starts with. The other day they were watching tv and I am not sure what they heard, but all the suddenly Wyatt blurts out, "B is for butt, Mommy!". Butt is a "potty word" in our house otherwise it would be talked about every minute of the day, but I just praised him on his sounding out skills and let it slide :)

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