Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer nights

Today a few summer thoughts came to mind. This morning I felt the familiar scorch on my hands today as I went to wash them. Here in Las Vegas, we have to run the water until it is not scorching hot. Isn't that crazy?

Generally when I am on my way home from sewing at my moms, I like to drive with the windows down -which leads to turning the radio up, which in turn leads to a little car jam session. Tonight it is past 10 pm here, but still over 100 degrees outside. Having the windows down is like having a blow dryer on my hair the entire time. Thank goodness for air conditioning though so it is still enjoyable. Goodness knows I can not drive with the windows down during the day. At least one of the three boys would complain about the it being too windy no matter the weather outside.

I used to have a purple Amigo that we called Juanita. On nights that I am able to drive with the windows down and music blaring, her sale becomes my biggest regret. I really miss the independence and freedom that Juanita made me feel. I loved having the top off I miss looking into the backseat and seeing a thin layer of sand covering her purple interior.

Because of the passing of Michael Jackson, tongiht they had Billy Jean playing on the radio and I couldn't help but dance a bit to the song. Afterwards came Boys to Men and I felt between the songs, I was in a time warp. Imagine how shocked I was to look in the mirror and not see 18 year old me, but a thirty something -glasses wearing person -in a mom mobile. But I don't mind (much). What I did mind was when I came closer to my house and I put the windows up, and turned the music down on the radio and heard myself sing. Gah!

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